About Us

I love a good scare which is why Halloween is my favorite holiday of all. I dream about it all year-long. But through the years I have found that decorations and props were so expensive that I couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted. So I set out to make them – on the cheap! I discovered I was able to make better decorations than the stores offered at little to no cost to me. That’s how Dearly Departed Studios came to life.

I go to yard sales, junk piles, and thrift stores looking for items to transform. I like the items that practically have one foot in the grave and I like to give them new life.

All of the items on my website were made by me. Some of them are completely original and some are decorations that I’ve seen before but wanted to make my own. If I’ve seen it before, I’ll try to note where I saw it first.

I hope these projects inspire you to make something special for your dark home.

You can also visit my Etsy store and buy some of the creations you see here.


Kim Snell
Soul Proprietor