Creepy Centerpiece

Every table needs a focus, whether it’s candles, collectibles or a centerpiece, it gives your guest something to look at and immediately sets the mood of the room.

Centerpieces are a really easy way to incorporate different items into one awe-inspiring focal item. And remember, bigger is better in this situation!

Start with a great tray, basket, pot or the like. I found this black wooden tray at a yardsale for a buck. It was chipping and falling apart so it was perfect for this centerpiece.


Once I had my tray I began grabbing items to put in it. Get a lot of items to play with – they don’t all need to make into your centerpiece, but it’s fun to mix and match and play with textures while you create your one-of-a-kind piece.

I found a pretty realistic clay skull and some true to size bones (note the vertebrae – my favorite). I also used plastic black chains (painted with a bit of silver to make them look more real), black and white flowers from the dollar store, creepy cloth (also from the dollar store).

I decided to use the cream colored creepy cloth along the bottom because the tray was black and the different color adds dimension. If everything in my piece was black, it wouldn’t work as well. I also think the color in the creepy cloth works with the skull.

Once you have everything in place, you can be done (then you can reuse items next year) or you can choose to hot glue everything in place. I decided I wanted everything glued down because I wanted to use this piece for years to come.









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