About Us

In addition to my online store, I have a traditional brick-and-mortar store located in Chandler, AZ.  I'm located inside Terror Trader - AZ's only year-round horror store. Hope you come to visit.

Located inside Terror Trader!
941 W. Elliot Rd, Unit 3
Chandler, AZ
Wednesday to Sunday
noon to 8pm

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love that it signals the cooler weather (I live in the desert) and I love the mysteriousness of the holiday.

Through the years as I decorated my home for the season, I found that the decorations in the store were always so "plastic" and "unreal" looking. Nothing was to scale and I found that each year was sort of the same old thing with few exceptions. And the price of these decorations could break the bank!

I started making my own decorations because it was so much cheaper and I could make exactly what I wanted. After my son was born, we started having Halloween parties that grew and grew into quite an event. I found myself looking all year long at what I could find to make more decorations. When my decorations couldn't fit into my shed or garage anymore I knew I had to do something! Haha!

This is how my love for the holiday became my business. I try to make unique items that you can't find in stores. Many of my decorations are made from stuff that was headed for the trash, but not all. I just love to reuse and repurpose.

I hope you find something you just have to have!

Happy Haunting.

-Kim Snell
Soul Proprietor

Dearly Departed Studios