A Murder of Crows

Dearly Departed Studios Murder of Crows Vignette

This vignette is simple to achieve and the main focal point - the Bird Frame - is so easy to make. The larger the frame the better for more impact! 

To make the Bird Frame, I started with an old ornate frame I found while thrifting and hot glued tree branches (that I found in my yard) to it. I spray painted mine black first, but plain dead branches would work just as well. Note that I glued the bottoms to the inside of the frame and the tops on the outside.

Then I hot glued some cheap dollar store birds to the branches to complete this eerie look. An odd number of birds look best - just like a bouquet of flowers - unless you have more than 6.

Next, I covered my table with black fabric and contrasting creepy cloth. I changed out the photo in my smaller frame, added some black cloth (an old shawl I found) and an orange light bulb to my lamp. A few other choice decorations and my table is ready for my Halloween party!