Spell Books Tutorial

Spell Books have been around for awhile. You can find all sorts of samples online. Here's how I made mine.

Serpants and Snakes Spell Book by Dearly Departed Studios

These are a fun craft to do because you can get really creative and make them your own. Think about unique titles, textures and embellishments. Even add your last name to the title like “The Smith Book of Spells.

Start by taking an actual book, a hollow craft book (found in craft stores) or you may get lucky and find an old, hollow book like I did.

The first thing I did was use my computer and create the title of my spell book. Feel free to use mine posted here.

Once I had it to size, I decoupaged it to affix it to the front. After it was dry, I then took some puffy paint and carefully went over every line so my title would be 3-dimensional.

I glued thick ribbon as a frame for my title and small rubber snakes to add the creep factor!

Once everything was dry, I decoupaged tissue paper over the snakes and outside the framed title. I wanted the snakes to appear like they were coming out of the book a bit.

Next the entire book was painted black. I added some gold paint to the raised areas using my fingertip and paint brush. Paint the page edges gold like they did long ago.

These look great laying on a table by themselves or stacked on top of other books. A shelf with a bunch of these books would make a great creepy library.

I like that these books are hollow so I can put candy or other surprises in them.


Serpents and Snakes graphic